Market Remains Competitive

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The housing market has gotten a little easier for buyers lately. Listings are lasting longer and home-price increases have slowed. It’s still a competitive, seller’s market, but buyers have it easier than they did last year at this time. Of course, how much easier depends on where and what you’re looking to buy.

Conditions can vary from one neighborhood to the next. They can also vary depending on price range. In fact, if you’re shopping for something smaller and more affordable, you may find more competition among buyers than you would if you were shopping for something larger and more expensive.

Why? The answer is inventory. While the number of homes for sale has been growing lately, the inventory of affordable homes has been growing at a slower rate than the inventory of higher priced homes. In other words, buyers looking for something more affordable should still prepare for a competitive market, even if it’s slower than last year’s.

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Jennifer Bixby

Jennifer Bixby
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