How to Stand Out in the Rental App Process

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Tenants are not always aware of how to impress a landlord or property manager while filling out their rental application forms. In reality, searching for an apartment is like looking for a job. The candidates do thorough research, prepare for an interview, and try to present themselves in the best light. Trying to land the best rental is no different. It is key to be truthful and thorough on your application, no matter what your history may be.

Here are the typical contents of a rental application:

your current job position, your salary
rental history
current employer
your former landlord
pets (if any)
reasons to leave the current property
move-in date
credit report
background report
renters’ insurance (if any)
and roommates (if any)

How can you be a standout tenant? When a rental application asks for references, proof of income and recent employment information or pet information, do not leave it blank or fail to provide the proper proof! Leaving sections of your application empty tends to give landlords or property managers the impression that you may be trying to hide something, or you simply did not take the proper time to complete the required questions. Determined tenants take the time to provide accurate information, follow up with their application and are friendly and compliant throughout the process. Thinking about applying for a new residence? Just remember to always be honest, prompt, and polite to your prospective new landlord or property manager and you will be sure to stand out!

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