Colorful Memories of My Career in Real Estate

Colorful Memories of My Career in Real Estate

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Have you ever noticed that the oddest things can spark a thought and suddenly you are winding down Memory Lane?  Last week I had just such a reminiscence; the memory of a paint color while moving to my new office lead me to the memory of one of my first house sales; a sale that convinced me that a career in real estate was right for me.

Memory Lane

Colorful Memories of My Career in Real Estate

This past weekend, I had the joy of moving into a different office at Don Peterson & Associates. The paint in the office needed a little refreshing so it was a perfect time to choose a new color completely. As I contemplated color schemes I remembered Patty’s home office.

A family member had referred me to Patty.  She called me and asked me to do a market analysis of her home that she had decided to sell.  Relatively new to the business, I was nervous going to her home, preparing the market analysis, and then presenting it to her along with my marketing plan and why she should choose me to be her REALTOR®.  Leaving Patty’s house, I felt confident; but, I also knew that she was speaking to some other REALTORS® with a lot more experience than me.

The next day my phone rang.  It was Patty.  She said she had chosen me! I worked hard, hardly slept, and did everything I could do to market her home and get her house in the best showing condition so we could go “live”. Within 24 hours we were SOLD!! I enjoyed working with Patty, the seller, and Hugh, the buyer. We enjoyed our time together so much that we all sat around the table in her home office and talked about moving details, dates and times, and the process for all of us. The color of Patty’s home office was a nice blue that I have never forgotten. That office, that home, Patty the seller, and Hugh the buyer, I am forever grateful for. I witnessed the pure satisfaction of this career and realized that I was going to give this self employed career 100%.

Going the “Distance”

Colorful Memories of My Career in Real EstateI called Patty and asked her if she remembered the color of her home office.  That lady is so organized that she not only remembered the color, she emailed me the exact Pantone formula of the color.  I took the formula to the paint store and they said they could make it!  Crazy, but the Pantone formula matched their paint color called “Distance”. I thought, you have to be kidding me!  My entire real estate career I’ve always felt like we go the “Distance” at Don Peterson & Associates.  We are always willing to do everything we can to help our buyers and sellers, and to help others decide if real estate is the career for them.

If you’ve ever thought about real estate as a career and you’d like to chat about the possibilities stop by my office on 23rd Street.  We can sit in my office and discuss how you can go the “Distance” with Don Peterson & Associates.  Or, you can contact any of our other REALTORS® and they can share their experiences with you.  You can also find some additional information about a career in real estate with Don Peterson & Associates here and read some agent testimonials here.

Libby Headid is an Associate Broker with Don Peterson & Associates and is the Managing Broker of the North Office location at 620 E. 23rd. Street, Fremont, NE.

Libby Headid

Libby Headid





  1. I am so proud of your work ethic, positive attitude, loyalty and loving spirit you consistently display in you work and every day life. Being your mother only enhances those feelings, but everyone can notice those qualities in you.

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