High Demand Still Requires Seller Flexibility

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With high buyer demand and the number of houses for sale low, today’s market is favorable for homeowners who want to sell. Though they’re likely to find interested buyers, homeowners shouldn’t expect that everything will always go their way. Seller flexibility will still be required. After all, a home’s sale almost always involves a negotiation.  Home sellers, just like buyers, should expect to have to compromise here and there.

For example, 76 percent of sellers said they had to make at least one concession when selling their home, according to one recent survey. That means, even in markets that favor sellers, homeowners should have some flexibility when it comes to working out the details of the final sale. Home sellers should also be prepared to make some pre-sale improvements to their house. The vast majority of recent home sellers also said they had to fix up their home before listing it. In short, regardless of how hot your local market is, you still have to get your house in shape and work with your home’s buyer to ensure the sale is a success on both ends.

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Jennifer Bixby is the broker for Don Peterson and Associates Real Estate at 100 E. 6th, Fremont, NE

Jennifer Bixby

Jennifer Bixby


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