Green Homes are More Common

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Green-home features are becoming more popular among home buyers and it’s led to an increasing number of builders who say they’re incorporating green features into the homes they build.

For example, the National Association of Home Builders’ Green Multifamily and Single Family Homes 2017 SmartMarket Brief surveyed builders to find out how many were using green-building techniques. According to their findings, one third of builders said green building makes up more than 60 percent of their portfolio. And the expectation is that the number should continue to rise in coming years.

Granger MacDonald, NAHB’s chairman, says green homes are here to stay. “These findings show that green building has become an established part of the residential construction landscape,” MacDonald says. “It is no longer a niche business; our members recognize the value of building green and are incorporating these elements into their standard business practices.” The increased interest is being driven by consumers who value things like energy efficiency and are looking for homes that create a healthier environment. Because of this, as awareness of these features grows, so will demand.


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