Is Buying a Home An Affordable Choice?

Is Buying a Home Still an Affordable Choice?

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These days, determining the affordability of buying a home isn’t such a simple calculation. There are always a lot of variables to consider – including prices, mortgage rates, wages, and local factors – but today’s housing market contains a number of contradictions that may make it even more difficult for potential buyers to figure out.

For example, home prices have recently been making a lot of news, mostly because they’ve regained much or all of the value lost following the housing crash. At the same time, though, mortgage rates have remained just above historic lows for the past several years. In other words, if you live in an area where home prices have been slower to rebound, low mortgage rates likely mean homes are still a good deal in your neighborhood. On the other hand, in some areas – where home prices have pushed beyond previous highs and low inventory is limiting available choices – favorable mortgage rates make less of an impact.

Here in Fremont buying is affordable for the average household, though challenges remain. Thanks to very low mortgage rates, monthly mortgage payments are affordable for the average household despite currently high house prices. Nevertheless, hurdles to homeownership arise from the difficulty of finding a house.


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